We are here to build awesome things
Everything starts with a great idea and a successful innovation team. Let's start building together.
Founded in 2017. Ready for the future
Edelcode was born out of the desire to change how desktop, mobile and web applications are being developed.
We are a team that puts great emphasis on design, UX, UI and last but not least on the good functionality of the application
Together with our partners, we want to give our customers a better interaction with their applications.
We work with passion and enthusiasm
We like to hear that the people around us are passionate and committed to their work.
In the Edelcode team we value our customers' needs and we always want to surprise them with our imagination and performance.
We have experience in developing web, mobile and desktop applications. We are open to knowing new business techniques and technologies.
We love when we hear words like: C#, ASP MVC, RESTful API, Angular, Ionic Framework, Electron, Sass, Xamarin, Elastic Search, Javascript, Typescript, Docker, Affinity Designer, MongoDB, SQL, Agile, Git
Have an idea?
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Sibiu is the city where we live and build awesome projects. This city is a major pillar of Romania's technological development.
You can find us here or you can send us a message at